Catching up with Salome

Georgian born, now Berlin based DJ and Producer Salome is currently making waves in the electro scene. Her release last year called 'Kill me Dragon' was absolutely sick - with acidic basslines and hypnotic drum programming. I'm very excited to hear what she's working on next. She has recorded a killer mix for us too. Strap yourself in for this one.

What have you been getting up to recently?

Making music, learning German, Djing, and chilling at home mostly.

What was it like growing up in Tbilisi?

I was born in 1992, in Tbilisi - Post-soviet union era. It was the end of a very heavy life when our parents mostly didn't have any electricity and gas, but my childhood and the children of my generation were very simple and childish, without cellphones and internet, it was nice.

I saw the raid that happened - do you have anymore info on that? Where do you think the scene is heading over there?

It only happened once - In club BASSIANI and Cafe-Gallery. It was quite hardcore, unfortunately that day i was playing in Kiev and couldn't protest this fact with my friends in the middle of the city center in Freedom square. Our community made an insane protest-rave there. The government lost the battle against us, so the scene is going to grow bigger :)

What influenced your decision to move to Berlin and when did you move there?

I fell in love with Volruptus - I moved there 3 months ago.

Are there any spots you’d recommend hitting up?

In Tbilisi yes, a lot. For rave: BASSIANI, KHIDI, Cafe-Gallery, Mtkvarze Pre-Rave, DRAMA (i love this place so much i could live there) food - make sure you eat khinkali, khachapuri and Gebjalia.

What’s your favourite record store?

Spacehall (Berlin)

What was the last record / piece of music you bought?

Umwelt - Ecopoiesis EP

What are 3 of your favourite albums of all time?

1. Aphex Twin-Selected Ambient Works 85-92

2. Queen- Greatest Hits, Greatest Hits II

3.Antonio Locio Vivaldi

What’s your favourite club to go out to?

Georgian clubs mentioned above, also Berghain, Ohm and Griessmühle.

When did you first discover electro?

A long time ago, but a couple of years ago, Kiev made me fall in love with it. I Listened to a lot of massive electro by ukrainian artists. They are dope.

What was your introduction to Djing?

It was actually not long time ago when tjhe first time I went to a club. My friend, a very good Georgian Dj and Producer, Berika was playing that night and he inspired me a lot to start Djing.

What’s the most memorable night you’ve played at?

Almost all of them were memorable, I can name my gig in a Warehouse in Romania, Cluj. That was amazing.

Ive heard snippets of your production and it’s got me very excited for an EP. Is this something that will happen in the future?

The track I made with Volruptus - Skreemsli will be released on FTP elevated Jit 2 and of course I will release solo material in the future.

What are you going to be focussing on over the next year or so?

More production. More Electro

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