Catching up with Volruptus

Volruptus is one of the most exciting of many producers coming out of Icelands scene. Owner of Sweaty Records and having released records on Bjarki's label bbbbbb and Nina Kraviz' label трип, Volruptus is definitely someone you want to keep your ears open for. Although from Iceland, Volruptus now resides in a quiet peripheral section of ex-Soviet Berlin. His sounds are tough, mysterious and of course fully dystopian. I caught up with him to find out more about Iceland, Modular Gang and his production.

Get locked with this mix below.

What’s your first introduction to music? Have you always been into electronic music?

My first introduction to music was probably some blues, jazz, soul, funk and rock when i was in my mothers uterus. I'm not sure exactly when i got into Electronic music, but when I was six years old Rammstein was my favourite band, and in 2001 Freestyler by Boomfunk MCs was my favorite song. I think what got me deep into it though, were the guys at Robotdisco Electronix and their parties in Reykjavík.

Haha I rate that tune, it will always be hard. What are your musical influences? 

Excitement, wonder, power, mystery, nonsense, vitality, dancing, coolness and more stuff along those lines. Images, sounds, and even smells as well as other environmental factors. As for other musicians there are plenty, mostly my friends and then electro and breakbeat stuff I guess. Hip hop, trip hop, classical and metal are important to my formative years, as if those years ever end haha. It just came to my mind the other day that Strumpastuð probably had more influence on me in than i realised, hidden in my unconscious mind, since childhood is a "rave”, the album is a hits covers compilation featuring the Smurfs, in icelandic.

When did you start Sweaty Records?

I started Sweaty Records with a few friends, we put out the first release in the very beginning of 2016, Me and my friend Kosmodod felt the urge to start a label, there was just so much dope shit everywhere around us that the world needs to hear, so we got a bunch of friends involved, Including: Jadzia, Kuldaboli, ThizOne, Andartak, Árni, Þóra

How would you describe the sound coming out of Iceland?

Power-mystery. Fun, even when it is sad, at least not dull i would say.

Are there any producers at the moment you’d recommend having a look into?

Polar Attraction, Kuldaboli, ThizOne, Andartak, Jadzia, Kosmodod, Alex The Fairy, Salome, DJ Allskynz, Ceqi, Sideproject, Odo & Quark, Encounter to name a few...

When did you get into modular?

So several years ago me and Kosmodod had a studio together and he borrowed a Roland Juno from our friend and i guess thats when I realised that hardware synths are dope, and analog filters and all that. I wanted an analog synth to go with my computer but I don't like limitations, so i found modular online somehow and knew that was what I wanted.

How did you get involved with modular gang?

My friend Rachel Lyn knows a lot of musicians that use modulars, and she wanted to do a big live show collective.

Is that similar to how you got in with 3D Dancer then? I recently saw your boiler room with 3D dancer and it was sick!

Yeah well, Michail wanted me to play a solo set, I guess he saw one of the many videos of me performing "Misantrhopy (dark stöff)" live. I told him that is my most hardcore track to date and stands out a bit from my other work. I suggested 3Ddancer instead. And he was like "yeah you guys rocked hard last time" And I said this time we'll be playing a lot harder and thats what we did!

Thats cool, definitely what you did. So I read online that your roommate is Alex the Fairy, how did you two meet? 

Rachel Lyn introduced us at a Ramen noodle shop, we bonded over our shared love for the CFM Bipolar Half-wave Rectifier, you should check out his label too, its called Finders Fee.

Are you working on anything at the moment? 

An Album, and a bunch of collaborations too, I don't want to give too much away though.

We at Sweaty Records are waiting for our very first 12" vinyl release to be pressed. It got delayed a bunch of times, like this often happens in this business, so if you dear reader pre-ordered Blizzard People EP don't worry, you will get it.


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